Scotland4 Ahmed Rossi Rally

Ahmed at Scotland 4

Ahmed is the Rally class's speed demon, boasting the highest top speed of all the teams.  Backed up with equally superb acceleration and managable handling, this team's car is a great choice for an experienced player seeking sheer speed.  Ahmed's primary drawback is their car's low weight; its handling can also prove difficult to manage for new players.

Ahmed's car boasts a fantastic top speed of 150 mph in the highest levels, well above the other team's.  They're also quick to the draw, going from 0 to max speed in under 6 seconds.  This overwhelming advantage in top speed can make a difference in the few clear straightaways in Scotland and Switzerland.  Meanwhile the car's quick acceleration makes for a strong start and excellent recovery after harsh turns and spinouts. 

Ahmed's handling is not the greatest in the class; Xu, Ivanov, and Lumiere all boast easier vehicles to control.  However, the car isn't too difficult to manage with some practice.  One must respect its loose cornering and tendancy to swerve, however, particularly in the treacherous weather found in the later Rally levels.  

It's also worth noting that Ahmed's car is among the lightest in its class.  Along with Rossi and Roberts, it is among the most vulnerable teams in a collision and thus, a player should be cautious when passing a more erratic CPU and when navigating the early race pile-ups in the forests of the later Scotland levels.  

Overall, Ahmed is one of the strongest picks in the Rally class.  The car's speed is unmatched and coupled with equally admirable acceleration.  Though its handling is somewhat tricky and it's among the most vulnerable parties in clashes with the CPUs, Ahmed's car will provide fantastic results in the hands of an expert.  I, myself, have broken many of my existing best records set with Xu using Ahmed.  

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