Scotland1 Morgen Rally 01

Morgen at Scotland 1

Morgen is a strong choice for Rally races.  It boasts very quick accelation, high top speed as well as fair handling and decent weight.

Morgen's car is one of the quickest off the line.  It accelerates from 0 to max speed off the starting line in about 5.5 seconds.  Its maximum speed is about 138 mph.  Its excellent acceleration proves to be a virtue, as recovering speed after sharp, slow can make all the difference in the harsh later levels of Scotland .  

The team's primary weakness in the rally class is the car's handling.  Though it's much more controllable than, say, Rossi , Morgen's car does tend to lose speed easily in corners.  However, the car remains fairly reliable in even the most difficult stretches and can be trusted to navigate obstacles such as the boulders and the deadly ramps.

Morgen also fares admirable in clashes with the CPUs.  Though the car isn't the heaviest in the class, it's fairly stable and handles collisions much better than the lightweights.  

Overall, Morgen is a decent choice for Rally races.  The car's excellent acceleration and decent handling make it well-suited for navigating the treacherous roads of Scotland and Switzerland .  On top of that, it holds up well in collisions, making it fairly easy to deal with the CPUs' shenanigans.  The car's main drawback is that it's ultimately outdone by others with superior handling, particularily in later levels.  

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