Switzerland1 Rossi Rally 01

Rossi in Switzerland

Rossi is a very weak choice for Rally races.  Its lackluster handling and very light weight make for a very difficult-to-use car.  

Rossi's main strength is a combination of quick acceleration and a high top speed.  The car's max speed lies around 140 mph and it accelerates from 0 to max speed from the starting line in about 6 seconds.  However, due to the nature of the two rally tracks, Scotland and Switzerland , these attributes rarely get a chance to shine.  

In the rally races, particularly the later levels, it's careful play that prevails.  A successful player must be considerate of the sharp turns, obstacles, and the opponents' mishaps.  One simply cannot afford to be set back by a major wreck.  

This is where Rossi's primary weaknesses lie.  The car has touchy handling and slides out of control very easily.  This issue becomes even more apparent in stormy or snowy weather.  This makes avoiding the boulders and hitting the river ramps straight on a major challenge in Scotland's later levels.  

On top of that, Rossi is set back by having one of the lightest cars in the Rally class.  The car is incredibly unstable and a scrape against a wall can and will send it spinning out or tumbling about.  In collisions with other cars, Rossi almost always ends up losing control.  

Overall, Rossi's rally car is among the weakest in the class.  Its poor handling and instability leave it ill-equipped to face the challenges of the later levels, while its stellar speed and acceleration see little use.  I would only recommend it to experts seeking a challenge.  Teams with strong handling such as Xu and Ivanov are much better choices for the Rally levels.

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