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  • I live in California, US
  • I was born on February 22
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  • I am Female
  • Nonshinyespeon

    Ahmed is the Rally class's speed demon, boasting the highest top speed of all the teams.  Backed up with equally superb acceleration and managable handling, this team's car is a great choice for an experienced player seeking sheer speed.  Ahmed's primary drawback is their car's low weight; its handling can also prove difficult to manage for new players.

    Ahmed's car boasts a fantastic top speed of 150 mph in the highest levels, well above the other team's.  They're also quick to the draw, going from 0 to max speed in under 6 seconds.  This overwhelming advantage in top speed can make a difference in the few clear straightaways in Scotland and Switzerland.  Meanwhile the car's quick acceleration makes for a strong start and excellent recovery…

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  • Nonshinyespeon

    Morgen is a strong choice for Rally races.  It boasts very quick accelation, high top speed as well as fair handling and decent weight.

    Morgen's car is one of the quickest off the line.  It accelerates from 0 to max speed off the starting line in about 5.5 seconds.  Its maximum speed is about 138 mph.  Its excellent acceleration proves to be a virtue, as recovering speed after sharp, slow can make all the difference in the harsh later levels of Scotland .  

    The team's primary weakness in the rally class is the car's handling.  Though it's much more controllable than, say, Rossi , Morgen's car does tend to lose speed easily in corners.  However, the car remains fairly reliable in even the most difficult stretches and can be trusted to navigat…

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  • Nonshinyespeon

    Rossi is a very weak choice for Rally races.  Its lackluster handling and very light weight make for a very difficult-to-use car.  

    Rossi's main strength is a combination of quick acceleration and a high top speed.  The car's max speed lies around 140 mph and it accelerates from 0 to max speed from the starting line in about 6 seconds.  However, due to the nature of the two rally tracks, Scotland and Switzerland , these attributes rarely get a chance to shine.  

    In the rally races, particularly the later levels, it's careful play that prevails.  A successful player must be considerate of the sharp turns, obstacles, and the opponents' mishaps.  One simply cannot afford to be set back by a major wreck.  

    This is where Rossi's primary weaknesses…

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