Switzerland 5 is the colder (and surprisingly easier) version of Switzerland 4 . The tracks are identical.

This level gets a lot of hate. It's tame, boring, and the opponents are very weak. There's no fun in it.

The difficulty of this level is incredibly easy. There isn't a single Out zone, even for Level 5 , which is excruciatingly dissapointing. Hometrackers slow to 90 mph in Lap 3 - Ahmed's speed in Switzerland 1. Not even a single challenge - no Underdog Challenge or Semi-Rampage . A 3 Lap Magic is possible, as it is for any level. Give your opponents a 50-second head start and the race should be a little harder.

However, I did rank Switzerland 5 higher than the other races. I'm a huge fan of Rally cars, and I enjoy racing in snowy weather. Not that I enjoy racing this level, but at least there's an attempt at a bottleneck blockage, an opportunity to manipulate the AI positions.

Switzerland5 Lumiere Rally 01
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