Egypt 7 is the extra level for Indy cars. Its track is identical to Egypt 5.

For a Level 7, this level is actually pretty funny. Especially AI Roberts in the beginning and AI Rossi's Lap 2 comeback.

But I don't play Egypt 7, mainly because I don't like Indy cars as much as the other vehicles. A Rampage can be attempted at the barrierless stretch, but it's not easy to perform. Indy cars are too "stiff".

What I don't like is how Easter Island positions were used - placing AI Baptiste & Ahmed to start in front. Why don't they let AI Xu start first? The level is from Hong Kong...

Underdog Challenge: Help Morgen or Ivanov. Simple challenge.

A shortcut can be taken to skip half of the bumpy stretch; see Pike's Egypt 5 video. However, it's much harder to do with Indy cars.

Here's an updated list. 16 down, 26 to go. All Indy levels eliminated.

27 Egypt 7 28 Moscow 1 29 Moscow 4 30 Moscow 3
31 Switzerland 5 32 Hong Kong 4 33 Hong Kong 1 34 Switzerland 2
35 Scotland 7 36 Scotland 1 37 Easter Island 1 38 Switzerland 3
39 Egypt 1 40 Easter Island 3 41 Hong Kong 2 42 Hong Kong 3
Egypt7 Lumiere Indy 01
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