Egypt 4 is a Dakar race. Its track is identical to Egypt 2, except the race takes place during the day.

Towards the end, there is a Non-Deadly Ramp. Players can use it to perform Non-Deadly Rampages, which is always a fun thing to do.

I used to find this level difficult, only because I never raced until Lap 3, where the Hometrackers become "dead-slow". Now I find this level to be the easiest Level 4.

I don't play Egypt 4 too often since I usually struggle to hold first place before the Lap 1 Ramp. I dislike the AI opponent strength and I'm not a big fan of Dakars. This may also explain why this level is ranked 16.

The colliding cars in the beginning: Legendary.

Koop's Top 15 Tomorrow

Egypt4 Ahmed Dakar 01
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