Egypt 5 lets Dakars drive on the bumpy stretch.

In Egypt 5, the barriers at the long stretch are removed, so players can attempt to push their cars off. AI opponents drive very aggressively, so they run the risk of falling Out by themselves. AI Rossi, Ivanov, and Baptiste are common casualties.

The AI programming resembles Switzerland 4 and Egypt 4. All opponents drive (poorly) on their top speeds in Lap 1, and in Lap 3, they deteriorate to a ridiculously slow pace. This makes the race an incredibly easy Level 5, almost as easy as Hong Kong 7. Give your opponents a 2.0 mile head start for a challenge.

The bumpy stretch defines Egypt, as it is my favorite alternate route. The "Dakar Party" in Lap 1 is one of the coolest things about this level; it gives me that "GTR98 feeling" whenever I see my opponents flying around.

The barrierless stretch allows Rampages to be done. I'm not great at knocking cars Out in Egypt 5; their driving accuracy is too wobbly around this area. When it comes to Rampages, I prefer Egypt 6.

A shortcut is available at the start to bypass half of the bumpy stretch. It's a good shortcut. However, it may be difficult to maneuver.

Egypt5 Xu Dakar 01
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