Overview: Meh, this level is kinda boring. The level itself is an introduction to Buggies in Egypt . Beware for a retirement from AI Rossi on Lap 2 about 50% of the time. Splash.

Reasons for disliking this level: The nature of this track makes it very long. It's a Level 1 and therefore along with a lack of obstacles, the level feels very drawn out. The AI is only a challenge in Lap 1 where the 1st/2nd HTs drive at high speed.

Possible Challenges: Help Underdog Lumiere (or Roberts ) in an Underdog Challenge .

How the race could have been improved: Change the AI. Not necessarily change the order in which they finish, but program them so that there are more overtakes/mistakes etc. No wonder people don't like the early Egypt levels too much (I don't mind them).

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