I think the existing Switzerland locale is way too tame. If only I could mod GTR98, and change the Switzerland middle levels, so they would be more interesting...

Swit 2: Whole track can be safely barricaded. But after the pileup, let there be at least 2 other AI who would recover and chase the player. Let 1-2 AI in last place be lappable (similar to the Red Cars in Moscow 2).

Swit 3: As it is now, Swit 3 only showcases Rossi’s superior speed, which is boring. Let’s have Swit 7 with Rally cars, still sunny, but with half barriers removed like Swit 6. Tougher AI like in Scot 3.

Swit 4: Snow. Same direction as Swit6, with winding road, but the shortcut barricaded off. Risk of moving carcasses still exists. Half barriers like in Swit 6. For the steep turn after winding road, remove the barriers at the second half.

AI strength in the shape of Scot 4, but let the dominant AI be Ivanov, Xu and Morgen — so as to balance out what happens in Scot 4. Ahmed/Roberts are the ones who risk being lapped.

Swit 5: Snow. Same direction as existing overly-tame (or disappointingly lame) Swit 5. Half barriers like in Swit 6. Zero barriers at steep turn before winding road. AI strength like in Scot 5. Have Morgen perform significantly better than Rossi.

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