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    GTR98 (Unofficial) Site, launched April 2015

    This GTR98 Wiki is NOT abandoned, but there's a limit to what can be done for a game that's close to 20 years old (at the time of writing), which does not renew / refresh itself via Expansion Packs.

    As long as I'm still actively using my username, I will periodically monitor this GTR98 Wiki(a)'s activity, as well as the newer GTR98 Wordpress site, and ensure that everything stays in order.

    Short Story:

    The Wordpress version is our new dedicated showroom at our own "office" lobby (heavyweight), while the Wikia is now our seminar/exhibition booth (lightweight).

    Long Story:

    Koop & I set up the GTR98 Wikia in 2013, with the initial intention of it being our "main" GTR98 fan resource.

    However, as time passed, we real…

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  • AldoHyde

    Modded Switzerland Tracks

    January 28, 2015 by AldoHyde

    I think the existing Switzerland locale is way too tame. If only I could mod GTR98, and change the Switzerland middle levels, so they would be more interesting...

    Swit 2: Whole track can be safely barricaded. But after the pileup, let there be at least 2 other AI who would recover and chase the player. Let 1-2 AI in last place be lappable (similar to the Red Cars in Moscow 2).

    Swit 3: As it is now, Swit 3 only showcases Rossi’s superior speed, which is boring. Let’s have Swit 7 with Rally cars, still sunny, but with half barriers removed like Swit 6. Tougher AI like in Scot 3.

    Swit 4: Snow. Same direction as Swit6, with winding road, but the shortcut barricaded off. Risk of moving carcasses still exists. Half barriers like in Swit 6. For the st…

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  • AldoHyde

    Team Nicknames

    June 28, 2014 by AldoHyde

    Baptiste + Ahmed (any car) = Red Cars

    Ivanov + Xu + Baptiste (any car) = Rampage Kings

    Rossi + Morgen (any car) = Non-HomeTrackers

    Lumiere + Rossi (Dakar) = Hollow Dakars

    Roberts + Xu (Dakar) = Twins

    Baptiste + Ivanov (Dakar) = Candy Canes

    Lumiere + Roberts (Sports) = Lumiere Bros

    Roberts + Lumiere (Rally) = Roberts Bros

    Xu + Rossi (Buggy) = Featherweights

    Roberts + Ahmed (Buggy) = Spiders

    Baptiste + Ivanov (Buggy) = Jumpers

    Roberts + Rossi + Ahmed in Scotland 4 = Top Three

    Morgen Sports = Acrobaticar

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