I'm JB and I have played both Grand Tour Racing '98 and Total Drivin. I prefer GTR'98 as Ocean Software made some changes to the game for the European release that made the game worse.

I grew up from about the age of 7 playing Total Drivin. I got back into the game in 2013 and joined the Wikia here as an over-enthusiastic fan, now I'm back 4 years later.

My favourite teams as the Human Player are Xu and Ivanov, they have the best cars for rampages and challenges, but overall and as an AI it has to be Morgen <3

My favourite locale is definitely Scotland, but I also like Egypt, something which seems to be a rarity among GTR'98 fans.

My favourite Classes are Rally and Sports. I'm not a massive fan of Indy, except in Egypt 7.
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