Total Drivin
Platform: PlayStation
Developer: Eutechnyx
Publisher: Ocean Software
Release: November 1997

Total Drivin is the European version of Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing 98. It was published two months after the original release, by Ocean Software. Both versions were developed by Eutechnyx for the PlayStation.

This version has some of its features modified from Grand Tour Racing 98, including different soundtracks and game modes. Another European version was released on the same date, with a different title, but no distinct differences, apart from Team Ahmed being replaced by team "M6 Turbo".


Total Drivin is a racing game where the player drives various cars in six exotic locales from around the world. They may choose to race against AI Opponents (One Player), themselves (Time Attack), or other human players (Split-Screen). These are the three default modes in Total Drivin.

There are two additional default modes in Grand Tour Racing 98: Season and Head-To-Head. Season mode cannot be played in Total Drivin, while Head-To-Head can be unlocked with a secret code.

Like Grand Tour Racing 98, the six default locales (Scotland, Switzerland, Easter Island, Moscow, Egypt, and Hong Kong) are available in all three game modes. In One Player, each locale contains seven levels in difficulty order. In Split-Screen, only two of the seven levels are accessible.

Unlike Grand Tour Racing 98, three secret locales (Japan, USA, and Sweden) can be played in Total Drivin, but only in Split-Screen mode. The locales each contain two levels, and must be unlocked in order to play.

The starting places are different for teams in Total Drivin', so they are more spread out.


3 extra locales (Japan, USA & Sweden) can be unlocked using a secret code.

Minor DifferencesEdit

  • When a level is completed, the "Press START to continue" message is not shown on the replay.
  • All cars have additional stickers and changes to their looks.
  • All the sign barriers are switched from GTR98 to Total Drivin'.