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  • Pike, can you do me a favor, please? :)

    Go through all pictures (except JB's) in the Photo Gallery,

    1. Click on each picture
    2. When it pops up, click on the full file name, eg. "HongKong5 Roberts Sports Ahmed Carcass GetBack.jpg"
    3. Click "Edit". Choose "Source" mode.
    4. Check if the editing box contains the following text.
    If not, paste the following text into editing box.

    == Licensing ==


    If there is any existing other text in the editing box, leave them alone, and just paste the text after all the content.

    For JB's pictures, I'm going to crop and re-upload them, so don't bother to do this procedure on them.

    You can take the entire week to do this. No rush. :)
    I have other templates to modify this week...

    Please reply when you're going to start, and when you're finished. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. :)

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    • Oh not yet sorry, been busy gettin' the final for Elimination Station ready >:D I'll resume it shortly :) sorry :c And, Yeh that is HK in the picture :D Hong Kong 3 to be exact^_^ Just realised it could look like a Moscow or Switzerland sorta XD I like to think of it as one of those "pictures that are there mysteriously" type x3 AHAHA really fits with that theme XP

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    • I see... is the image licensing complete now?

      Maybe "AHAHA" stood out for me because it happens to be my initials :o ... not a problem ;)

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  • Pike, good to have you back, and thank you for creating the Blitz page.

    But the page is incomplete without a video of a Blitz race, so please upload a video of the Blitz in action.

    (Note that I delayed the creation of "3 Lap Magic" page, until I uploaded Ahmed Switzerland 5.)

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    • I added a Shortcut for Egypt 5 here :3, do you like it? :D

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    • Pike, if you mean you've created a video, you should post the link ;)

      Egypt 5 Shortcut -

      Seems like it's easier to access the shortcut from the Egypt 5 direction. Well done on the observation and your video editing! :D


      The Blitz page stays. But you'll need to make at least 1-2 more Blitz videos.

      Don't rush... you can do this over the next few weeks.

      In future, please remember to login before making any edits ;)

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  • So I finally finished writing the AI content for each locale.

    Now it needs some trivia. Other pages need some trivia too, but not any unnecessary, vague, or overly straightforward info (i.e: Xu's name having two letters)

    Let's discuss our ideas here.

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    • Indy has the least amount of races, with only 4 Indy tracks (5 including Egypt 7).

      Morgen and Lumiere both have white, red, and blue for thier team colours, with Morgen focusing on the blue, and Lumiere focusing on the white.

      Baptiste and Ahmed both have red for thier team colours.

      If driving an Indy full speed into an oncoming AI vehicle, you may go right through it :3

      That's all I got so far >:3

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    • Pike, we don't have to point out the obvious, such as colors.

      I don't think anyone who can't count would come to read this wiki.

      The Indy full speed one is good, however. I'll add it.

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  • Hi, welcome to GTR98 Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the USA page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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