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  • I was looking through this wikia about the Rossi Sports car, i would like to know which car it ressembles in the Total Drivin' Game, since the info is only about GTR 98, and the car model in Total Drivin is different.

    If you know anything, please post a reply

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    • I don't play TD very often, so I'm not sure about TD Rossi Sports' resemblances at this time.

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  • Hey AH, check this out:

    I made this while editing, but did not publish. What do you think of this new layout? (Ignore the Xu Dakar and Indy pics.)

    The only problem is that the infobox gets in the way. Remove "Car Resemblances", and enlarge the "Manual Description" text. Example:

    Give me your thoughts.

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    • So you have one car behind you, trying to push free. The AI decides to back up and push harder. Once he backs up and leaves a little space, you also do the same. When you two make contact again, immediately release the back-up button.

      If you look closely at me stopping Ivanov at 3:35 (ignore everyone else), I did what I described above. I backed up after he did, and stopped as soon as we made contact.

      Other times, it'll just happen randomly. The "3 islands" happened by pure luck. I don't even know how to deal with two other cars.

      Lol, Acrobaticar flips.

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  • What do you think of how the Scotland 6 Speed Table is done?

    I need some clarifications on the format of these pages...

    First off, bold and italic.

    We should keep secret fireball in this form.

    All obstacles - ramps, bottlenecks, and turns should be bolded... yes?

    Describing names - lava stretch, long sandy or winding road; in bold, quotations, or italic? We have a mix of them, but bold is the most common.


    Underdog Challenge: [team name] in italic or bold? See Hong Kong 5's UC section (Ivanov in italic) and Scotland 4's UC (Baptiste in bold)

    What about real names, like Pua Katiki (see Easter Island 5)? I think we should mention these names while we can, such as barriers being removed in Valley of the Kings in Egypt 5.

    Secondly, dividers in the "AI Roles" section.

    Do we only use them if both Accuracy Ranks and Speed Table are existent? What about the larger text I started using as sub-headings?

    And finally, capitals and links...

    All the teams are already linked in "Beginning Positions". But I'm guessing we link them if they are mentioned in the intro. 

    Is "ramp" capitalized or not? If so, might as well capitalize "Water Stretch" and all that...

    One more thing: "AI turning / steering speed" is a huge factor to consider, but it may be too confusing, or not useful enough. Rossi Rally is too slow in L5 & L6, not because of his speed role (it's fast) but his "turning speed". He's too careful, like Ivanov in Moscow 5. Lumiere & Roberts are aggressive in Hong Kong 5; they're not top contenders because of good accuracy, but "fast turning speed".


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    • Sure, HomeTracker and Host from now on.

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    • EI4's AI are more aggressive and unpredictable. I love the storm and small volcano (more fun than the big volcano). Even better if they remove some or all of the barriers. My favorite EI levels are 4 & 7.

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  • Who would win in Moscow 6/7:

    AI Ivanov Rally vs AI Ivanov Sports

    AI Ahmed Rally vs AI Ahmed Sports

    (Also, which level do you like more?)

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    • JB: In my view, there's only one way to prove it: upload a race ;)  Add it to your queue of possible future uploads...

      I record every time I play, so I won't miss any moments.


      Koop: Pos 1 split second - In most of my videos, I deliberately display that scene for 20 milliseconds. We could compile a list of what was shown in my videos to come up with a comprehensive theory ;)

      Songs - The first 4 are quite clear.
      I think "Dream Driver" sounds more airy, so I'll associate it with Switzerland.

      In any case, I recall hearing "Dream Driver" playing faintly in Lumiere's L6 completion scene ("Smoochy Dancer" for Roberts), long ago when I used to play GTR98 on a PS1.

      If Turning Speed is a decisive factor in some tracks, the info is relevant enough to add to the race page. Meanwhile, since all this info is likely to be "buried" in the Message Wall, you may want to repost this on your blog, so it is easier to look up later.

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    • Songs - The song in completion scenes... isn't it the song that was last playing when the race ended?

      The first 4 are indeed clear, however, I might think the manual descriptions have something to do with it. In Easter Island's description, it has "As you sand blast around...", but Sand Blast represents Egypt better. Switzerland has "As you ice dance..." so it could be Smoochy Dancer. Scotland has "As you speed along..."

      Think we could come up with a better name for "Turning Speed"?

      Manual: You still have the manual right? In the teams section, what was the specific order? IIRC, Xu was first, followed by Rossi & Morgen. Seems like a weird order. I know Morgen's ahead of Roberts, since those two are "favorites" for the Grand Tour Championship. They said Roberts was "another" favorite in his description.

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  • Time flies too fast...

    I have a suggestion regarding the About pages. Can we split the three games into separate pages?

    About: Grand Tour Racing 98 would be the current, most detailed page. It would include and compare TD and M6TR content, such as the soundtrack and secret locales. The three game covers should remain in the page.

    About: Total Drivin would be smaller page. It would NOT include the classes and teams; only the features that are exclusive to the game (and possibly M6 Turbo Racing).

    About: M6 Turbo Racing would be the smallest page, since it came out last and copies almost everything from Total Drivin.

    What do you think?

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    • Happy New Year, Koop.

      I need some time to think about this, as today is my Sims video upload day. There will also be at least one new GTR98 video too.

      I will be back shortly.

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    • The current "About" page is where we get our search engine visitors, so that page should remain as intact as possible.

      You can go ahead and try making the separate pages for TD & M6. But I'm guessing we'll probably end up combining TD & M6, since we don't really know anything about M6. Just try it out, and we'll decide later.

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  • Note to Self: Previous Poll

    Baptiste (3), Morgen (2)

    Xu (1), Ivanov (1), Ahmed (1)

    Roberts (0), Lumiere (0), Rossi (0)

    Total: 8 votes

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hiya Mr. Hyde :3 Do you have the three split-screen levels on your game? :O I'm pretty sure they are in GTR98 aswell, it all comes down to an unusual cheat system >:3 (Tapping R1 at the level screen). (=^_^=)

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  • Who expected this? Ahmed gets another video. Check it out.

    So I changed "GTR '98" to "Grand Tour Racing 98" on my vids titles. But this didn't change the titles on the wikis. What do we do?

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    • Great I actually am attempting a semi-rampage on EI1. If I can get my camera perfect then I will do that. After that I will upload scotland 2 behaviour straight afterward.

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    • Koop, I forgot to comment on your EI 1. I don't think I've had so many Outs before in such a low and tame level. I would have expected the Xu/Rossi featherweight type to be the first casualties, instead of the Baptiste/Ivanov stable type.

      JB: I saw your change of plans. Whatever video you're doing, don't rush. I always tell this same thing to my Sims fans, who are often so excited to release videos. I keep telling them that their priority is to get the correct footage (in our case, a good race), and edit it properly.

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  • Locale

    I wonder if we still plan on changing the layout of the main locale pages.

    First off, can we remove the "Beginning Positions" table? It's better to have that in levels only.

    Can we add an intro? Example: Scotland is a mountainous terrain for Rally cars and home track of team Roberts.

    Here's another suggestion, remove "Individual Tracks" from the locale pages. Add a heading of pictures (/ summary?) of each level (the picture is the level from the main menu).


    We can add the "Challenges" heading above the Speed Table. Is there a better name for Challenges? Can we list common Out zones? While we're at it, we can shorten the name "AI Opponent Speed Table".

    Also --- what are ALL the shortcuts you know of? Switzerland 6, Egypt 4, and Egypt 2...

    Egypt 6 has a small shortcut where you jump over the barrier and skip half of the bumps...

    Scotland 7?

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    • I don't understand what you mean in the "Teams" section on this page:

      Since we now have a full page for "underdog challenge", we should start linking to it in the relevant race pages (see Moscow 6).

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    • Don't you mean the class section? Forget it. I'll edit it now.

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  • I was wondering if you're clear with Hometrackers when they constantly "swap" positions. You also tend to think that counterparts usually take over each other's role (see Xu page; AI Dakar), but that isn't necessarily the case. Only AI Buggies do this (and a couple Rally tracks).

    ...May I quiz you?

    1) You're driving as Roberts in Easter Island 3. You're in 7th place, with Xu (5th HT) behind you and Ivanov (4th HT) ahead.

    You attempt to pass Ivanov, but he attacks. This causes both you and Ivanov to crash. As you back up, Ivanov drives into you, and completely "pauses". (This is what Baptiste did in your Easter Island 7 Bloopers and my Scotland 5 Rampage). You and Ivanov are not moving.

    You and Ivanov wait for Xu. Four seconds later, you hear Xu's slow engine. As soon as he passes you and Ivanov, you hear his engine change.

    Why does this happen (use HT Roles in your answer)?

    2) You select team Ahmed to race Scotland 1. Three seconds into the race, you pass an atrociously slow Ivanov who is the languishing 5th HT.

    Next, you select team Morgen to race Scotland 1, but now Ivanov is surprisingly fast and you cannot pass him in three seconds. As soon as Ivanov passes Xu, he brakes, and Xu speeds up to pass Ivanov, then brakes, and they constantly swap positions.

    Why does this happen when you choose Morgen (use HT Roles in your answer)?

    3) You're driving as Baptiste in Switzerland 1 Lap 1. You're currently in 6th place, ahead of Rossi and Ahmed (5th HT). You're behind Ivanov (4th HT), who has JUST surrendered his position to Morgen. Lumiere, Roberts, and Xu are the top Hometrackers, programmed to drive extremely fast in Lap 1.

    Suddenly, your position immediately changes to 5th. Someone ahead of you has gone Out. Ivanov and Morgen are right ahead of you, so it must be one of the top Hometrackers who went Out.

    What does Ivanov do?

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    • I know it's not just the physically-resembling twins who switch with each other. It's just more obvious when the twins switch. The Dakars also do so to some extent.

      It's quite clear in my HK7 that (Xu & Ivanov) have switched HT roles with (Roberts & Ahmed).

      1. Xu switches HT roles with Ivanov. As the new 4th HT, Xu takes over Ivanov's former speed.

      2a. As Ahmed, I'm the 6th HT. So Ivanov behaves like the worst AI - 5th HT.

      2b. If I'm Morgen, there are 6 AI HTs. Xu & Ivanov continually switch positions with each other as the 5th & 6th HTs.

      3. Ivanov gets "promoted" to one of the top 3 HTs, and speeds up.

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    • Very well, heheheh. :P

      3. Ivanov will then attempt to pass Morgen. This happened once to me. :P

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