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Hong Kong 5
HongKong5 Lumiere Sports 01
Class Sports
Weather Sunset
Laps 3

Lap Length

6.1 miles
Direction 1
Top AI


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Hong Kong 5 is a three-lap race that uses sports cars  to maneuver the long sandy road. It is raced in the first direction in sunset weather, and the starting positions have been altered. Sports cars now have higher top speeds, reaching a top potential of over 200 mph.

In this race, cars will encounter the newly-opened route around midway through the track. Instead of turning onto the narrow grassy stretch, they will continue through a linear tunnel before encountering the long sandy road. There is also a major ramp towards the end of the lap.

In this level, there is a secret fireball that allows the player to access Hong Kong 7, the extra level of Hong Kong. The secret fireball is found under the small bridge of the long sandy road. When collected, the player will lose current race progress and teleport to Hong Kong 7.

Starting PositionsEdit

1 Xu 2 Roberts 3 Ivanov 4 Ahmed
5 Lumiere 6 Baptiste 7 Rossi 8 Morgen


Hong Kong 5 is a fast-paced, action-packed race with many danger zones surrounding the city. It is one of the more difficult Level 5 races as it uses faster sports cars and more aggressive AI, as well as the long sandy road. As this is a quick, four-minute race, an easy mistake could prove costly for the sports cars, especially for those with poor acceleration.

The long sandy road is a narrow, 1.3-mile path with streams of water surrounding the region. Most of this route is barricaded on both sides by short fences, except for two small bridges which has accessible Out Zones flowing under them. After the sandy road, there is an avoidable major ramp which cars can bypass by driving under it.

When racing, the player should simply slow for tight corners and accelerate when given the chance. In the very beginning, there will always be a pileup which may involve any car but AI Xu, the race leader. Lumiere and Roberts are the dominant AI, but because the pileup will likely involve them, they do not always prevail. Therefore, the player's odds of winning will increase if he or she escapes the pileup with either Lumiere or Roberts jammed behind.


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