Car & Driver Presents:
Grand Tour Racing '98
Developer Eutechnyx

EUOcean Software

Platform PlayStation
Release Date

NASept 30, 1997
EUNovember 1997
JPApril 23, 1998

Genre Racing


ESRB Ratings Everyone (K-A)
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Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98 is a racing game developed by Eutechnyx for the PlayStation. It was published by Activision on September 1997.

Two months after the NTSC release, the PAL versions of Total Drivin' and M6 Turbo Racing were released and published by Ocean Software. The Japanese version, Gekisou!! Grand Racing, was published by Atlus and released on April 1998.

This game used different soundtracks for the PAL and NTSC versions. Some other features including drivable vehicles and unit conventions were also modified.


Grand Tour Racing '98 takes place in six locales from around the world. Players can choose to represent one of eight international racing teams with the chance to drive five different car classes, from off-road to high-speed vehicles.

Players are brought into the main menu when starting the game. The menu allows them to choose a game mode, team, race, and their vehicle's transmission. The '?' icon indicates further options, including changing controls, saving or loading game progress, and viewing fastest race times.

Game ModesEdit

Grand Tour Racing '98 has five game modes: One Player, Time Attack, Season, Split-Screen, and Head-to-Head.

One PlayerEdit

In One Player, the player races against seven AI opponents in six locales which each contain seven levels. Subsequent races become slightly harder as previous ones are beaten, and the track is complete once the six main levels are won. One race from each locale contains a hidden secret fireball, which when collected will teleport the player to the locale's extra level.

Time AttackEdit

In Time Attack, a single player races alone in an attempt to record the fastest lap time. The player can race an unlimited number of laps on any completed level from One Player of his or her choosing. A ghost car races alongside the player from lap 2 onward, simulating the player's fastest lap driven from previous laps.


In Season, a single player races through the six main locales against seven AI opponents. The six races are the highest-available level achieved by the team chosen by the player. Points are recorded after every race, and unlike One Player and Time Attack, the player is unable to 'restart level' during any race. Season mode is unavailable in Total Drivin' and M6 Turbo Racing.


In Split-Screen, two players compete against each other in classic one-on-one races. Each locale has only two levels that contain only two laps. Unlike the single-player modes, players that fall off-track during a race will respawn safely without penalty.


In Head-to-Head, two players compete against each other in opposite directions. Each locale has only one level. This mode is default unavailable in Total Drivin' and M6 Turbo Racing, as the only way to play it is for the player to enter a secret code.


Grand Tour Racing '98 features 6 available locales in all game modes. Each locale contains seven races in One Player and two in Split-Screen. In Total Drivin'M6 Turbo Racing, and Gekisou!! Grand Racing, players can race in Split-Screen an additional three locales by entering a secret code: Japan, Sweden, and USA are secret locales containing two levels each.

Main LocalesEdit

Locale Terrain Class
Moscow City Sports, Indy
Easter Island Sand Buggy, Dakar
Switzerland Mountain Rally
Scotland Mountain Rally
Egypt Sand Buggy, Dakar
Hong Kong City Sports, Indy

Secret LocalesEdit

Locale Terrain Class
Japan City Sports, Indy
Sweden Mountain Rally
USA Sand Buggy, Dakar


Grand Tour Racing '98 includes 8 international teams, with 6 of them given a home locale. Each team provides unique stats and characteristics for their vehicles, as well as varying strengths and weaknesses as AI opponents. Some vehicles from Total Drivin' and M6 Turbo Racing have slightly different appearances than those from Grand Tour Racing '98, and Ahmed's name is changed to M6 Turbo in M6 Turbo Racing.

Team Number Country Home Track
Roberts 1 UK Scotland
Morgen 2 USA None
Lumiere 3 France Switzerland
Ivanov 4 Russia Moscow
Baptiste 5 Jamaica Easter Island
Ahmed 6 Egypt Egypt
Rossi 7 Italy None
Xu 9 China Hong Kong


The 5 car classes available in Grand Tour Racing '98 are used through two main locales. Sports and Indy cars are raced through Moscow and Hong Kong, while Buggies and Dakars are used in Egypt and Easter Island. Rally cars are the only class to be featured in all Scotland and Switzerland races and two secret appearances, making them the most common vehicles in the game.



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