• Jbracer2

    Introduction: Scotland 6  is the second and final "deadly" Scotland level. The track is similar to Scotland 5 but with some extra boulders and raced in the reverse direction. The AI is not significantly different between both levels. I will delve into each of the eight different AI drivers' performances in Scotland 6, including anything noteworthy. A reminder to all that my findings apply to Total Drivin and AI performance can vary slightly between Total Drivin and Grand Tour Racing '98. For a new player this blog will be difficult to understand, and I would suggest visiting this page to comprehend it better:

    AI Xu: AI Xu, once one of the worst AI (Scotland 1), is now a contender for 1st …

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  • Jbracer2

    Introduction: Scotland 5 is the first "deadly" Scotland level. The track now features several ramps to jump over fast-flowing streams and a barrierless stretch; both fatal to any AI driver who is incompetent. I will delve into each of the eight different AI drivers' performances in Scotland 5, including anything noteworthy. A reminder to all that my findings apply to Total Drivin and AI performance can vary slightly between Total Drivin and Grand Tour Racing '98. For a new player this blog will be difficult to understand, and I would suggest visiting this page to comprehend it better:

    AI Xu: AI Xu is now very much capable of podium finishes, rather than having to rely on luck to achieve t…

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  • Jbracer2

    Introduction: Scotland 4 has been described by some as the hardest level in the game. It's certainly no easy feat to beat this level, and it has taken many drivers a large number of attempts to conquer it. The difficulty of this level has to do with the AI and what a flawless job the developers have done in giving each AI a distinct role in the race. It's also the first Scotland level where we have 3 different AI drivers who are equally dominant. I will delve into each of the eight different AI drivers' performances in Scotland 4, including anything noteworthy. A reminder to all that my findings apply to Total Drivin and AI performance can vary slightly between Total Drivin and Grand Tour Racing '98. For a new player this blog will be diff…

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  • Jbracer2

    Introduction: Scotland 3 is a very slippery version of Scotland 1. The track has more obstacles and the Stormy weather makes for some interesting AI behaviour. The results in the bottom half of the field are certainly rather unpredictable, whilst the victory is highly contested by 2 AI in particular. I will delve into each of the eight different AI drivers' performances in Scotland 3, including anything noteworthy. A reminder to all that my findings apply to Total Drivin and AI performance can vary slightly between Total Drivin and Grand Tour Racing '98. For a new player this blog will be difficult to understand, and I would suggest visiting this page to comprehend it better:

    AI Xu: AI Xu…

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  • Jbracer2

    Introduction: Scotland 2 is a much more unpredictable level in comparison with Scotland 1, but what we see is a dominant performance from AI Roberts. However, it's very important to note that this race has incredibly varied results in comparison with the previous level. I will delve into each of the eight different AI drivers' performances in Scotland 2, including anything noteworthy. A reminder to all that my findings apply to Total Drivin and AI performance can vary slightly between Total Drivin and Grand Tour Racing '98. For a new player this blog will be difficult to understand, and I would suggest visiting this page to comprehend it better:

    AI Xu: AI Xu's performance is improved some…

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  • Jbracer2

    Introduction: Scotland 1 is the introductory level to Total Drivin and its global counterparts. The AI here could be more exciting but are not exactly dull for a Level 1 race, and this is mostly thanks to AI Rossi. I will delve into each of the eight different AI drivers' performances in Scotland 1, including anything noteworthy. A reminder to all that my findings apply to Total Drivin and AI performance can vary slightly between Total Drivin and Grand Tour Racing '98. For a new player this blog will be difficult to understand, and I would suggest visiting this page to comprehend it better:

    AI Xu: AI Xu is not a strong contender in this level at all. He is the only AI in this level who is…

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  • Jbracer2

    Overview: Woah. What's that? A Level 5 race already? YEP. This race is something of a complete let-down. The course is identical to Switzerland 4 .. Oh wait- they've added some snow! YAY!

    Reasons for disliking this level: Along with the aforementioned reasons, this level feels like Scotland 7 - a wasted opportunity. Switzerland 4 is more enjoyable as well as the AI are faster there.

    Possible Challenges: Maybe an Underdog Challenge , but there isn't really an Underdog here. If anyone, it's Baptiste . No Rampage opportunity- thanks developers!

    How this level could have been improved: Remove the barriers like in Switzerland 6! Simple.

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  • Jbracer2

    Overview: Another Indy race already. This is an introductory level for Indy in Hong Kong . This race is almost identical to Hong Kong 4, apart from there is Sunny weather and there are a couple of incidents with AI Ivanov at the start of the race, making an Underdog Challenge possible. AI Rossi's comeback is quite fun to watch, but AI Xu is the common winner, asserting his dominance for the rest of the standard Indy races.

    Reasons for disliking this level: I do not personally enjoy Indy races and there is simply a lack of action in the race after about 10 seconds. 

    Possible Challenges: An Underdog Challenge to help Ivanov, or a Full Rampage in an attempt to take all opponents Out.

    How this race could have been improved: More overtakes and more action (by r…

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  • Jbracer2

    Overview: Meh, this level is kinda boring. The level itself is an introduction to Buggies in Egypt . Beware for a retirement from AI Rossi on Lap 2 about 50% of the time. Splash.

    Reasons for disliking this level: The nature of this track makes it very long. It's a Level 1 and therefore along with a lack of obstacles, the level feels very drawn out. The AI is only a challenge in Lap 1 where the 1st/2nd HTs drive at high speed.

    Possible Challenges: Help Underdog Lumiere (or Roberts ) in an Underdog Challenge .

    How the race could have been improved: Change the AI. Not necessarily change the order in which they finish, but program them so that there are more overtakes/mistakes etc. No wonder people don't like the early Egypt levels too much (I don't mind them…

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  • Jbracer2

    Overview: Whoever designed this level needs to be taken into a dark room and be beaten.This level takes Scotland 1and simply changes the Class from Rally to Buggies . A positive for this level is that Ahmed , Rossi or Morgen can win, so at least the AI's not too bad.

    Reasons for disliking this level: There are no additional obstacles or ramps in comparision to Scotland 1. A simple (too simple), safe level. Baptiste and Ivanov's top speeds are too low for this course as well, so we don't see their full potential. 

    Possible Challenges: Underdog Challenge , to help Baptiste and Ivanov, but it's not the hardest challenge in the world. 

    How the race could have been improved: More obstacles, simple. If this level took Scotland 5's course, I think I'd respect this lev…

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  • Jbracer2

    Overview: This race is the least appealing in the game for me personally. Not much else to say. 

    Reasons for disliking this level: First of all, it's set in Stormy Weather, which I dislike despite its challenge. Secondly, I don't like the Indy Class enough to care for this race. The AI isn't great either, it simply shows how dominant Xu is in Indy. Neither Rossi or Morgen make a heroic comeback later on, another negative.

    Possible Challenges: Full Rampage , simply by driving the reverse direction and hitting the opponents at high speed.

    How the race could have been improved: A different route, like how Moscow 4 used the U-turn. This race uses the same track as the previous level, rather than changing the route, which is a shame.

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  • Jbracer2

    This is going to be a new set of blogs that I'm going to release in the coming weeks.

    Koop did this a couple of years ago, and there is no way that these are going to be as detailed as his posts were. If you're looking for a detailed walkthrough, go check his Top 42 out, this is mostly going to be brief :P

    This may also bring the Wikia back to life somehow- it seems to have died over the last two years- this is a simple way of re-awakening it from an ancient slumber. It's also something I want to do while I'm very much active playing this game. Enjoy! :)

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  • AldoHyde

    GTR98 (Unofficial) Site, launched April 2015

    This GTR98 Wiki is NOT abandoned, but there's a limit to what can be done for a game that's close to 20 years old (at the time of writing), which does not renew / refresh itself via Expansion Packs.

    As long as I'm still actively using my username, I will periodically monitor this GTR98 Wiki(a)'s activity, as well as the newer GTR98 Wordpress site, and ensure that everything stays in order.

    Short Story:

    The Wordpress version is our new dedicated showroom at our own "office" lobby (heavyweight), while the Wikia is now our seminar/exhibition booth (lightweight).

    Long Story:

    Koop & I set up the GTR98 Wikia in 2013, with the initial intention of it being our "main" GTR98 fan resource.

    However, as time passed, we real…

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  • Nonshinyespeon

    Ahmed is the Rally class's speed demon, boasting the highest top speed of all the teams.  Backed up with equally superb acceleration and managable handling, this team's car is a great choice for an experienced player seeking sheer speed.  Ahmed's primary drawback is their car's low weight; its handling can also prove difficult to manage for new players.

    Ahmed's car boasts a fantastic top speed of 150 mph in the highest levels, well above the other team's.  They're also quick to the draw, going from 0 to max speed in under 6 seconds.  This overwhelming advantage in top speed can make a difference in the few clear straightaways in Scotland and Switzerland.  Meanwhile the car's quick acceleration makes for a strong start and excellent recovery…

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  • Nonshinyespeon

    Morgen is a strong choice for Rally races.  It boasts very quick accelation, high top speed as well as fair handling and decent weight.

    Morgen's car is one of the quickest off the line.  It accelerates from 0 to max speed off the starting line in about 5.5 seconds.  Its maximum speed is about 138 mph.  Its excellent acceleration proves to be a virtue, as recovering speed after sharp, slow can make all the difference in the harsh later levels of Scotland .  

    The team's primary weakness in the rally class is the car's handling.  Though it's much more controllable than, say, Rossi , Morgen's car does tend to lose speed easily in corners.  However, the car remains fairly reliable in even the most difficult stretches and can be trusted to navigat…

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  • Nonshinyespeon

    Rossi is a very weak choice for Rally races.  Its lackluster handling and very light weight make for a very difficult-to-use car.  

    Rossi's main strength is a combination of quick acceleration and a high top speed.  The car's max speed lies around 140 mph and it accelerates from 0 to max speed from the starting line in about 6 seconds.  However, due to the nature of the two rally tracks, Scotland and Switzerland , these attributes rarely get a chance to shine.  

    In the rally races, particularly the later levels, it's careful play that prevails.  A successful player must be considerate of the sharp turns, obstacles, and the opponents' mishaps.  One simply cannot afford to be set back by a major wreck.  

    This is where Rossi's primary weaknesses…

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  • AldoHyde

    Modded Switzerland Tracks

    January 28, 2015 by AldoHyde

    I think the existing Switzerland locale is way too tame. If only I could mod GTR98, and change the Switzerland middle levels, so they would be more interesting...

    Swit 2: Whole track can be safely barricaded. But after the pileup, let there be at least 2 other AI who would recover and chase the player. Let 1-2 AI in last place be lappable (similar to the Red Cars in Moscow 2).

    Swit 3: As it is now, Swit 3 only showcases Rossi’s superior speed, which is boring. Let’s have Swit 7 with Rally cars, still sunny, but with half barriers removed like Swit 6. Tougher AI like in Scot 3.

    Swit 4: Snow. Same direction as Swit6, with winding road, but the shortcut barricaded off. Risk of moving carcasses still exists. Half barriers like in Swit 6. For the st…

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  • Koopatrol

    30-All L2 Season

    July 13, 2014 by Koopatrol

    Season Mo2 EI2 Sw2 Sc2 Eg2 HK2 Total Points
    Ivanov (me) 7th 4th 3rd 7th 6th 1st 30
    Xu 5th 3rd * 7th 5th * 2nd 2nd 30
    Ahmed 8th 6th 8th 2nd 1st 3rd 30
    Baptiste 6th 1st 6th 4th 7th 4th 30
    Morgen 2nd * 2nd * 5th 6th * 4th * 5th 30
    Rossi 3rd * 7th 1st 8th 3rd * 6th 30
    Roberts 1st 5th 4th 3rd 8th 7th 30
    Lumiere 4th 8th 2nd 1st 5th 8th 30 Read more >
  • AldoHyde

    Team Nicknames

    June 28, 2014 by AldoHyde

    Baptiste + Ahmed (any car) = Red Cars

    Ivanov + Xu + Baptiste (any car) = Rampage Kings

    Rossi + Morgen (any car) = Non-HomeTrackers

    Lumiere + Rossi (Dakar) = Hollow Dakars

    Roberts + Xu (Dakar) = Twins

    Baptiste + Ivanov (Dakar) = Candy Canes

    Lumiere + Roberts (Sports) = Lumiere Bros

    Roberts + Lumiere (Rally) = Roberts Bros

    Xu + Rossi (Buggy) = Featherweights

    Roberts + Ahmed (Buggy) = Spiders

    Baptiste + Ivanov (Buggy) = Jumpers

    Roberts + Rossi + Ahmed in Scotland 4 = Top Three

    Morgen Sports = Acrobaticar

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  • Koopatrol

    Coming in at #1... HONG KONG 5!!!

    HK 5 introduces a new, extreme world to Sports cars. This high-speed affair is raced in the sunset, featuring a twisty, breathtaking track of sudden encounters and thrilling opponents. From narrow dirt tracks to dangerous ramps, Hong Kong 5 represents the superiority of GTR 98 at its highest level.

    HK 5's track design is a massive improvement from HK 4, in fact, it progressed from worst to best. Indeed, in my opinion, the first four HK levels really feature the worst designed track in the game. Slow, short, and tame. In Level 5, the unlocked route headlines a tight, tricky, sandy road, with streams of water surrounding the region. Let's not forget the secret fireball found under the devious bridge, or the major, …

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  • Koopatrol

    Scotland 4 may be a sunny, safely-barricaded level, but somehow, it finds itself ranked 2nd in Koop's Top 42. Clear weather, safe track, medium top speed - easy race? No. For many (past) players, Scotland 4 is remembered as the level of constant failing, frustration, and unbeatably strong AI.

    This level took me at least 1000 tries to beat for the first time, as Xu. For an average player like me, it was that difficult. In terms of AI programming, this level is a "one-of-a-kind", as it programs opponents to drive at maximum speed throughout all three laps. (Only for Grand Tour Racing 98, however.)

    Scotland 4 isn't just an intro of extreme difficulty; it is an intro level of a newly-opened route; the two-way bottleneck forest. Be honest - who remember…

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  • PikeBBQ

    Elimination Station

    March 15, 2014 by PikeBBQ

    Hey everyone! ^_^ This is a post about my Elimination Station videos that I did on youtube ^_^ Will show everything from the positions, the winners, the losers, even what happened behind-the-scenes and "How the contest would have went if it wasn't Elimination" (Suggested by AldoHyde :3).

    Team #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Final
    Ahmed 4th 5th 2nd 1st 3rd 1st Winner
    Morgen 1st 1st 3rd 3rd 2nd 2nd Runner-up
    Baptiste 5th 4th 1st 2nd 1st 3rd
    Roberts 3rd 6th 5th 4th 4th
    Rossi 2nd 2nd 4th 5th
    Ivanov 6th 3rd 6th
    Xu 7th 7th
    Lumiere 8th

    Green = Winner of the challenge

    Purple = Teams involved in a tiebraker in the challenge

    Gold = Official winner of the series

    Blue = Runner-up of the series

    Red = Team eliminated in the challenge

    Reward = None

    Challenge = Drive into a wall and make the be…

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  • Koopatrol

    Switzerland 6 is the final Rally race. The barriers are removed on many parts of the track, and there is much more snow on the road. 

    It's the only Swiss level with accessible Out Zones, and my overall favorite track for Rampages.

    This level is ranked third for many reasons. Its tricky, icy track is what makes the level so challenging, even with the shortcut (the best one in the game, which allows players to skip the long winding road). Casualties are very common for bad drivers such as AI Baptiste.

    The race can get very sloppy in the beginning, and AI Roberts gets the blame for this. The slippery track causes unintended slip-ups, increasing the AI unpredictability of the race. But Ivanov & Xu are the most dominant leaders; an excellent "opponen…

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  • Koopatrol

    Scotland 5 is a stormy race for Rally cars. After a long, bloody, hard-fought Scot 4 battle, players are now challenged to drive in devastating weather at faster speeds, with the addition of two Deadly Ramps and a barrierless stretch.

    Yet it's an easier level than Scotland 4, to me, but not by much. As an experienced player, I find Scotland 5 to be the second hardest level in the game.

    Out Zones are now accessible, adding huge value to this level's difficulty, AND fun. The presence of two Deadly Ramps allows a "Grand Tour" Rampage to be performed. The water stretch is now barrierless, and the bottleneck tunnel remains present; used to block off cars and alter positions just for the heck of it.

    So the track design and difficulty: 10/10. Underdog Ch…

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  • Koopatrol

    Easter Island 2 is raced with Buggies in the sunset. The barriers in the small tunnel have been removed, so cars can fall Out into the lava.

    Like Moscow 2, an early level like this one is flawless. It cannot get any better. EI 2 is by far the toughest (and funnest) Level 2, not only because of the barrierless volcano, but because of all the difficult overtakes, and one unstoppable race leader.

    With the barriers removed, a Rampage can be performed (most likely in Lap 2), only if AI Baptiste is caught before the beginning tunnel. As Buggies, we have better control blocking others (even with a vulnerable car), and bottleneck-blocking out-of-control jumping Buggies may just be the best thing in the world.

    The S-turn is legendary in my book, with AI oppon…

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  • Koopatrol

    Moscow 2 is the more turbulent version of Moscow 1. It is raced in the opposite direction with Sports cars, with two S-turns and a U-turn added on the road.

    This track is a perfectly-designed Level 2, and it brings back many memories. Growing up, I was always challenged by fast pace, particularly AI Morgen's ridiculous hyper speed.

    The unpredictability of AI opponents makes Moscow 2 an all time classic. AI Roberts (good), Morgen (good), and Xu (bad) have specific roles; always interesting to see how positions change as the race progresses.

    The famous Small Ramp was an excellent idea, as it can be used to perform Non-Deadly Rampages. It's not the funnest thing in the game, but it's an exciting challenge and obstacle nonetheless. The Ramp is supposedly used t…

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  • Koopatrol

    Easter Island 4 is a stormy race for Dakars. This track is similar to Easter Island 2, except the volcano is still safely barricaded.

    Unlike other Easter Island levels, AI opponents drive fast and aggressively, unaware of all the dangerous obstacles they encounter.

    EI 4 is my favorite Dakar race. Perfect difficulty for a Level 4, from every aspect; AI programming, track design, weather. From devious Ramps to lengthy bottlenecks, this level features the best track for Semi-Rampages. Not to mention the deadly Out Zones surrounding the island.

    As we already know, the barriers in the volcano are NOT removed, which really is a pity. Dakars may fly over if they are blocked off, but they don't "jump" as much as Buggies.

    It's the only Easter Island level whe…

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  • Koopatrol

    Egypt 6 is the final Dakar race. The track headlines a Deadly Ramp, long barrierless stretch, and bumpy stretch.

    This level is praised for its originality and many gameplay styles. Its track design is perfect. It's a Level 6 raced in sunny weather, but that does not make it difficult, as the race is consistently fast-paced throughout three laps. These factors make Egypt 6 the second best Dakar level.

    With the Deadly Ramp early in the lap, players can immediately pass 3-4 opponents before encountering them. The barrierless stretch is an open invitation for a Rampage; I prefer racing to first before the Lap 1 tunnel. A bottleneck blockage creates a pile-up, and if the opponents get too close, they may knock each other off the cliff. I now have a vi…

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  • Koopatrol

    Moscow 5 introduces faster speed to Sports cars. A Deadly Ramp is present early in the lap.

    There is no new alternate route in Moscow 5. But that doesn't make it a bad or boring level - the race is short, simple, and fast. Sunny weather, sports cars, and quality race track; we have an "ultimate classic". This level represents professionalism at its finest.

    Like Switzerland 4, Moscow 5 is simply a race I play for relaxation. The AI programming is excellent.

    Other than racing, there isn't much I can do here. I don't play this level for Rampages, as it can be difficult to perform. The Deadly Ramp adds decent value nonetheless, as it can also be used for Morgen Stunts or No-Contact Rampages.

    Besides, Moscow 5 is the #1 choice for the Turning Over Trick…

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  • Koopatrol

    Switzerland 4 is the newly-opened race with more snow. A long winding road is opened midway of the track.

    This level has no Out Zones or Underdogs, and its difficulty is nothing compared to Scotland 4. It's just one, classic level I play for relaxation. The snow is a lot of fun, and I simply enjoy the nature of the track. Swit 4 used to be in my Top 5, and now I'm pretty worn out on it, but it's great enough to be within the Top 10.

    A Non-Deadly Rampage is possible at the U-turn, although it is extremely difficult to do, and is rather luck-based. If an AI opponent is accidentally knocked the "wrong way" while turning, they may spend the rest of the race as a blind moving carcass. They will repeatedly drive into the barrier, possibly hinting at the …

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  • Koopatrol

    Scotland 6 takes place in a stormy setting. The track is more slippery, but the opponents now drive extremely carefully. Therefore, I find this level to be easier than Scotland 4 and 5.

    They added two more sets of boulders in Scotland 6, but that doesn't really increase the difficulty of the level. It's only the second time the opposite direction was used, so players may not recognize it well enough.

    There is a barrierless stretch, along with two Deadly Ramps. A Rampage is free to do. If players drive well, they can easily reach first before the Ramps, but a bottleneck block won't get them Out as easily as Scotland 5. The forest is an effective area to collect a chain of cars before the barrierless stretch, where they may accidentally knock each …

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  • Koopatrol

    Egypt 5 lets Dakars drive on the bumpy stretch.

    In Egypt 5, the barriers at the long stretch are removed, so players can attempt to push their cars off. AI opponents drive very aggressively, so they run the risk of falling Out by themselves. AI Rossi, Ivanov, and Baptiste are common casualties.

    The AI programming resembles Switzerland 4 and Egypt 4. All opponents drive (poorly) on their top speeds in Lap 1, and in Lap 3, they deteriorate to a ridiculously slow pace. This makes the race an incredibly easy Level 5, almost as easy as Hong Kong 7. Give your opponents a 2.0 mile head start for a challenge.

    The bumpy stretch defines Egypt, as it is my favorite alternate route. The "Dakar Party" in Lap 1 is one of the coolest things about this level; it gi…

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  • Koopatrol

    Moscow 7's track is identical to Moscow 6, except it is raced with Rally cars.

    This level is more unpredictable and less "sloppy" than the original, which is a huge plus. Opponents drive at consistent speeds throughout three laps, making the level seem more realistic and natural than Moscow 6.

    AI Baptiste is the Underdog, as he takes Ivanov's spot from Level 6. The presence of two Deadly Ramps allows Rampages to be done.

    I didn't like how they made AI Morgen to fall Out every time. I don't play Moscow 7 as much as Moscow 6 because it's a secret level. (My favorite secret level.)

    Help Baptiste (or Morgen)... Read more >
  • Koopatrol

    Moscow 6 is a snowy race for Sports cars.

    This level is very sloppy, with the unalert AI opponents constantly trying to overtake one another. I strongly dislike the AI programming & opponent strength of Moscow 6.

    The race is VERY fast-paced in the beginning, the dominant AI being unbeatable with their hacked speed around corners. However, it comes across as "dead-slow" toward the end, making the race an easy Level 6, even with the acrobaticar, Morgen.

    But there are challenges which make Moscow 6 a level I keep playing. The Underdog Challenge is a favorite, and one of the hardest if not for the Deadly Ramps. There are numerous mini-bottlenecks, which allow players to consistently block their opponents so blockages are not attempted on just one a…

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  • Koopatrol

    Easter Island 5 is a race that lets Dakars drive in the big volcano. My first impression of this level: AI Morgen, you are one crazy driver...

    The big volcano is one of my favorite "alternate routes". I recall being stuck in Easter Island 4 for the longest time, so this level was a huge surprise when I first played it, and it was a good one.

    Morgen makes (or made) this race very interesting. To me, this level is funner than Easter Island 6, mostly because of its level design. I prefer the original direction, sunny weather, and AI programming,  and I'm more familiar pushing cars Out in this direction.

    Level 6 removes the barriers in the volcano, but it's not a huge plus for me, as I tend to struggle pushing cars into the lava. Other than that,…

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  • Koopatrol

    Egypt 4 is a Dakar race. Its track is identical to Egypt 2, except the race takes place during the day.

    Towards the end, there is a Non-Deadly Ramp. Players can use it to perform Non-Deadly Rampages, which is always a fun thing to do.

    I used to find this level difficult, only because I never raced until Lap 3, where the Hometrackers become "dead-slow". Now I find this level to be the easiest Level 4.

    I don't play Egypt 4 too often since I usually struggle to hold first place before the Lap 1 Ramp. I dislike the AI opponent strength and I'm not a big fan of Dakars. This may also explain why this level is ranked 16.

    The colliding cars in the beginning: Legendary.

    Koop's Top 15 Tomorrow

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  • Koopatrol

    Easter Island 7 is one of the two extra levels for Rally cars. This track is identical to Easter Island 2, so cars risk falling Out into the lava in the small volcano.

    A Rampage can be fun on a track like this. It does get repetitive and tedious though, if you're always the one to fall Out as you try overtaking everyone before the tunnel.

    This level design is simple (in a good way), with the classic Scotland positions being used. The small ramp appears to be deadly for AI opponents; AI Lumiere and Ivanov are frequent casualties, but they have also proven to be strong contenders.

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  • Koopatrol

    Hong Kong 6 is a stormy race for fast Sports cars. I call this the "aftermath" of Hong Kong 5; the opponents are smarter and more spread out (due to HT Roles), making the level not as exciting as the preceding one.

    If the human player is Xu, a Semi-Rampage can be done right from the get go, as it is possible to overtake everyone before the beginning dirt track.

    If the human player is Morgen, good luck spending hours trying to beat the level. I've had nightmares with this "over-flexible elastic acrobaticar".

    I like this level because of its pace and difficulty. However, a Rampage is less likely to succeed here, and there is no Underdog Challenge.

    AI Rossi deserves an honorable mention: his Lap 3 performance is purely unstoppable. But he is NOT a str…

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  • Jbracer1

    Hello I will be creating blogs over the next few weeks for my 'GTRTD championship'

    These are the results for Scotland 1:

    1st= Rossi 2nd= Roberts 3rd= Lumiere 4th= Ahmed 5th= Morgen 6th= Baptiste 7th= Xu 8th= Ivanov

    In Scotland 1 the 5th and 6th HT consistently swap positions if the player is Morgen or Rossi. However if the player is a HT (apart from Xu and Ivanov e.g Baptiste) Xu will beat Ivanov. That is why he is placed 7th and not 8th.

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  • Koopatrol

    Scotland 3 introduces storm to Rally cars. The stormy conditions can cause cars to slip-up, making this race more challenging and unpredictable than the other Level 3s.

    AIthough this level doesn't provide a "consistent" Underdog Challenge, an attempt to help AI Morgen or Ivanov to win can be a tough task to do. AI Roberts is extremely dominant in the first two laps, so it might not be possible to beat him to the bottleneck forest (in Lap 1).

    The level reminds me of Scotland 5. The secret fireball location is terrible, but I wouldn't have known Level 7s if it weren't for this.

    Help Morgen or Ivanov. Watch out for a crash in the beginning, between AI Lumiere and Ahmed.

    All L3s eliminated... we're down to 18. 2 HK, 2 Swiss, 3 Egypt, 3 Scot, 4 EI, and 4 Moscow.…

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  • Koopatrol

    Scotland 2 is the only sunset race for Rally cars. 

    This is another challenging Level 2 race. The opponents' fast speed can be challenging to overcome, as well as some of the obstacles (inanimate or living).

    AI Rossi has a weird behavior in Scotland 2, stopping himself as soon as he enters Lap 2. He'll eventually finish the race, but roughly three minutes after everyone else has finished.

    The boxes can be extremely harmful, as it can cause cars to jump up, flip around, or drive under "Out". A Semi-Rampage can be performed here.

    Underdog Challenge: Help Rossi. The Turning Over Trick is desperately needed, though.

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  • Koopatrol

    Egypt 2 is a Buggy race, where the sunset, ramp, and opponents' fast speed make the level more challenging than Egypt 3.

    OK, maybe not the sunset or ramp, but Egypt 2 is definitely one of the tougher Level 2s, in fact, I find it to be harder to beat than Egypt 1, 3, 4, and 5.

    That's what makes it a better level (than Egypt 3). Plus, there is a Non-Deadly Ramp which allows Rampages to be done, and the bridges can be used as bottlenecks. However, the opponents recover quickly when they are trapped under, except for AI Rossi (who takes almost forever to find his way out).

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  • Koopatrol

    Egypt 3 is the final race for Buggies. They are used to race on the bumpy stretch.

    This level is too easy; it's hard to not finish in 1st. The opponents are even more slow in Egypt 3 than Egypt 1...

    The barriers should have been removed on the long stretch. But a Semi-Rampage can be done anyways, as well as an Underdog Challenge. I don't have a ton of respect for this level... but it's an interesting experience nonetheless, and the AIs are unpredictable.

    Help Lumiere. If you can get to first before the tunnel in Lap 1, this challenge becomes incredibly easy.

    We're halfway there! 21 levels to go.

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  • Koopatrol

    Easter Island 6 is the final level, raced in the sunset with Dakars.

    The barriers in the big volcano are removed, so a Rampage can be done there, and many other parts of the track. A Full Rampage is very challenging to complete in EI 6.

    This level is ranked the lowest out of all the Level 6s. Other than Rampages, the race can get boring and tedious. AI opponents drive too slowly, and their "behaviors" are the same as Easter Island 1 and 3. Koop prefers faster-paced races and deep AI programming.

     Help Xu...

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  • Koopatrol

    Hong Kong 7 is the extra level for Dakars on a track identical to Hong Kong 6.

    This is a unique level where a  Non-Deadly Rampage can be done in two locations: under the bottleneck bridge and/or under the major ramp. A Semi-Rampage can also be attempted on the small bridge.

    None of the opponents use the major ramp, as their top speed is too low. The race becomes extremely slow-paced midway through.

    Hometrackers are exceedingly weak in Lap 2 & 3. This allows Morgen & Rossi to completely dominate the race; something I am NOT a fan of when it comes to "AI programming".

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  • Koopatrol

    Switzerland 7 is the extra level for Sports cars. The track is identical to Switzerland 4 & 5 .

    However, it is raced in boring, sunny weather. If they're going to make the track as "tame" as Switzerland 5, might as well make it snowy.

    This level did have a bit of everything though. It's an interesting experience to have Sports cars drive on a track designed for lower-top-speed cars. The long winding road may be tricky to maneuver, but the cars are easier to block in a bottleneck. This adds tons of fun in this level.

    Unlike the other levels, there are four Underdogs in Switzerland 7 - all which are nearly "equally weak". Ahmed, Roberts, Morgen, and Ivanov are ridiculously careful drivers, slowing down on every corner they encounter.

    Switzerland 7's oppon…

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  • Koopatrol

    Switzerland 1 is the intro level for Rally cars.

    This is my favorite Level 1. It's a fast-paced race, so the opponents are more aggressive. The level isn't ridiculously easy to beat.

    The secret fireball adds to the fun. AI Rossi & Morgen are both contenders. An Underdog Challenge can be attempted.

    Help Ahmed. This is one of the hardest Underdog Challenges in the game. Sometimes, AI Roberts will mess up in the beginning, giving Ahmed the chance to obtain a faster Hometracker Role. Read more >
  • Koopatrol

    Egypt 7 is the extra level for Indy cars. Its track is identical to Egypt 5.

    For a Level 7, this level is actually pretty funny. Especially AI Roberts in the beginning and AI Rossi's Lap 2 comeback.

    But I don't play Egypt 7, mainly because I don't like Indy cars as much as the other vehicles. A Rampage can be attempted at the barrierless stretch, but it's not easy to perform. Indy cars are too "stiff".

    What I don't like is how Easter Island positions were used - placing AI Baptiste & Ahmed to start in front. Why don't they let AI Xu start first? The level is from Hong Kong...

    Help Morgen or Ivanov. Simple challenge.

    A shortcut can be taken to skip half of the bumpy stretch; see Pike's Egypt 5 video. However, it's much harder to do with Indy cars.

    Here's an updated lis…

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  • Koopatrol

    Moscow 1 is the intro level for Sports cars.

    How about three consecutive Moscow levels...

    This level is so basic. That's what makes it one of the better Level 1s.

    Watch out for AI Rossi. Xu makes a mistake on the turn before the airplane section.

    I used to race this many times to see if AI Morgen can ever win (without the help of the human player). The answer is yes, but it took fifty tries. And I was Ivanov (a stronger leader than Xu), so it doesn't really count.

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  • Koopatrol

    Moscow 4 is the stormy version of Moscow 3 . Its track is similar to Moscow 2.

    The difficulty of this level makes it funner than Moscow 3 and the AI programming is well done. Pileups aren't as common in Moscow 4, but any opponent can win the race, unlike the two Hong Kong Indy tracks.

    But there's not much else I can do in this level, other than collisions and all that mess.

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